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Block Kino is an independent, yearly event for free-entry outdoor screenings of contemporary Bulgarian films, that we launched with four friends in the summer of 2015.

Why did we start it? 

Because contemporary Bulgarian films do not reach a wide audience, being poorly distributed. Most of them are "locked" in film festivals and a limited number of screenings in a handful of cinemas in downtown Sofia. 

The other phenomenon is that most cultural events are somewhat exclusive. But globally, there is a tendency for contemporary art and cinema to come out of the museums and selected cinemas and "go to the people." And where everyone is in shorts, walking pets, playing with children and drinking beer, the meeting is very natural.

So we've started transforming 13 districts of Sofia through contemporary Bulgarian movies.

Today we have over 90 screenings of feature, short, documentary and animated films, and more than 5 000 viewers per year.

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