Hello there, 

Thanks for stopping by! if you're considering working with me, sharing an idea or you're just wondering who am I, here's my brief story. 

For 10 years I've been managing brand projects for a crazy amalgam of industries


Brand design and brand communication are my magic. I'm most proud of my strategic work for the last few years at Publicis Group - Bulgaria, but also happy for managing this beautiful project, and this fun one and pulling off this Effie nomination for a pretty conservative client. Part of my heart will always stay in IKEA, where I've learned tons by kicking-off projects like this one and this one.


You can check my resume for the full story.

Apart from my work, 5 years ago a couple of friends got me into an idealistic adventure for saving the contemporary Bulgarian cinema. That led to Blok Kino with its over 90 screenings, more than 5 000 viewers per year, nomination for "Woman of the year" in "Culture" in 2016, and becoming part of the official Sofia Cultural Calendar in 2018. And even a new joint initiative, called Kinotochka, with the Embassy of the United States of America in Bulgaria in 2019. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, I started together with a friend - bgReklamist.com, an independent online space that brings together the Bulgarian ad-community. Just for a few months we got heart-warming feedback from creatives and marketers and we continue exploring its potential. 


Here's a list of things, I consider nice.


Have a great day and I'll be happy to hear from you for whatever reason brought you here.